PhD Candidate, University of Oxford

I have lately completed a D.Phil at Oriel College, Oxford.

I study the history of ideas, the history of science, and the history of philosophy. I am interested in these histories because I am concerned for their future. The core aim of my ongoing research is to provide a long-term history of how we, as a species, first became concerned with the long-term. How exactly did we become swept up by the future? In this, I aim to supply a richly recollective dimension to so-called ‘future studies’ and to help grant ethical orientation and edifying impetus to the sciences of the future. An ever-impelling goal is to see beyond the ‘Two Cultures’ divide between the humanities and the sciences and to move towards what the philosopher Wilfrid Sellars once projected could be a truly ‘synoptic vision’ of what it is to be human. I am fascinated by what exactly is demanded of us by our position as intelligent beings within an otherwise seemingly silent universe.


  • –present
    PhD in English, University of Oxford


  • 2019 
    Oriel College, Oxford, PhD in English
  • 2014 
    St Hugh's College, Oxford, MSt in English (1700-1830)
  • 2013 
    St Hugh's College, Oxford, BA Hons in English