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Research Contractor., University of Oxford

Thomas Moynihan is a UK-based researcher. In 2019, he completed a PhD at Oriel College and he is currently a research contractor for Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute. His book X-Risk: How Humanity Discovered Its Own Extinction is forthcoming later this year with MIT Press/Urbanomic ( Through his work, he aims to show how the ambitions and worries of contemporary futurists emerge from the wider sweep of human history, so as to show how these present-day concerns are part of a centuries-long and still-ongoing project of enlightenment. The goal is to reveal how contemporary research into existential risk and existential hope is a crowning accomplishment of our ongoing assumption of maturity as a civilisation and species.


  • 2020–present
    Research Contractor, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford


  • 2019 
    Oriel College, Oxford, PhD in English
  • 2014 
    St Hugh's College, Oxford, MSt in English (1700-1830)
  • 2013 
    St Hugh's College, Oxford, BA Hons in English