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PhD Researcher, Palaeobiology, University College Cork

I am a palaeobiologist researching the preservation of biological signatures in the fossil record. My current research uses modern analytical chemical techniques to investigate the degradation of keratin and melanin pigments in modern feathers. This is essential to interpreting the biological information that fossil feathers may provide in relation to key evolutionary events, such as the dinosaur-to-bird transition.

I completed my undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Worcester (UK) in 2017. My final year dissertation was performed in part at the University of Vienna (Austria) and focused on evolutionary relationships among bullhead sharks, for which I received the Witcombe Award from UW as well as the Top Project Award from the Royal Society of Biology. During my degree I participated in a summer internship at the University of Bristol (UK) investigating ecological and evolutionary change throughout the Rhaetian of the Late Triassic. I began my PhD at UCC in 2017 funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant awarded to Dr Maria McNamara.