Tony McAuliffe

Eclectic bag of salaried career experience, supplemented with ongoing 'other stuff' that helps keep me going, involved in life and my grey-matter engaged.

In the salaried space, about 75% (and, ongoing) has been spent in OHS, 15% in tourism and hospitality (someone recently said to me that people working in hospitality work in... HosPo. Can't say that floats my boat), with the balance in marketing and public relations.

Without any real design behind this outcome, I've found the overall experience and skills I picked up in PR and marketing have helped, massively, in both the other arenas. Admittedly, I stepped into the marketing game freshly minted with a couple of Bachelor degrees - including a B.Comm - so marketing and business management wasn't exactly foreign to me.

In the 'other stuff' space, I do what I can to help locally: sporting clubs, mainly, but I also maintain immediate interest with my local tourism board and have applied for a seat on the Board of Directors of my local Health Service.

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