PhD candidate, University of Bristol

Initially, I studied Chemical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens . After that, I turned to philosophy and pursued a MSc in Philosophy of Science at the London School of Economics. Currently, I am a 2nd-year PhD student at the Philosophy Department of the University of Bristol, under the supervision of James Ladyman. My PhD is funded by the Darwin Trust of Edinburgh Postgraduate Studentship.

My research focuses mainly on the relation of chemistry and physics (namely quantum mechanics). I examine this relation with respect to popular topics in the philosophy of science, like reduction, emergence, and realism. However, my general interests are not restricted to the examination of the status of chemistry with respect to physics. Rather, I am interested in the intersection of science and philosophy in general, both with respect to epistemic, and with respect to metaphysical questions.

Also, I have worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Bristol, and I have produced content for the website of the Centre for Science and Philosophy.


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    PhD candidate, University of Bristol