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Victoria Tutag Lehr

Professor of Pharmacy, Wayne State University

HRSA Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) Program grant to Vhs Children’s Hospital of Michigan
(9/1/2019 – 8/31/2022)
Award No: 1D40HP33377-01-00
Clinical Psychology Internship Training in Behavioral Health Care for High Need Pediatric Populations
Funding for four CHM Psychology Interns as well as faculty development with a focus on prevention and treatment of substance abuse and opioid use disorder.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation
(7/01/18-6/31/19) • Role: Co-PI
High risk prescribing of controlled medications
Aim: The goal is to examine high-risk opioid prescribing as defined by opioid dosage, duration or concurrent use with other medications longitudinally and across geographic areas to assess the need for specific interventions and the impact of current national, state, and payer policies to address the opioid overdose epidemic in Southeastern Michigan.

Center Student Academic Success, Wayne State University
(08/15/2013-05/14/2019) • Role: Principal Investigator
2nd year Pharmacy Student Learning Community Program
Aim: to maintain the Learning Community to optimize student success by emphasizing skills in pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics. Funding for 1 academic year.

Faculty Research Award Program-EACPHS
(2/1/2012-2/1/2013) • Role: Co-Investigator
Effect of group exercise on chronic neck pain in individuals over 50 years of age
Aim: to examine the effect of group Pilates and Yoga exercise classes on function, range of motion, endurance, postural position, pain, medication use and balance in adults over 50 years of age with chronic moderate to severe cervical spine pain.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation
(7/01/09-12/31/11) • Role: Investigator
Diagnosing Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Aim: to assess incidence, risk factors and costs of ADRs in a PICU in a prospective study. Results used to develop a valid, reliable, and easy-to-use algorithm specifically for diagnosing ADRs in PICUs using a novel mathematical approach.


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    Professor of pharmacy, Wayne State University