Professor, Department of Education, Concordia University

Dr. Walcir Cardoso (PhD in Linguistics, McGill University) is a Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Department of Education and President of the Canadian Modern Language Review/La Revue canadienne des langues vivantes. He conducts SSHRC and FQRSC funded research in second language acquisition of phonology within an approach that combines insights from theoretical and applied linguistics. The practical goal of his research is to promote an effective and socially realistic pedagogy for the teaching of pronunciation and other language skills in traditional and computer-assisted environments.

He is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications and has presented more than 300 papers (58 as invited speaker) at local and international conferences. The quality of his research was recognized in 2011 when he was the recipient of the Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in Foreign Language Education, bestowed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. In 2017, he received a UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize, a team award as a co-investigator with the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance.

Dr. Cardoso teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses including Phonology and its acquisition, Computers in Language Learning, and Methodology. For his excellence in teaching he has received three awards: (1) The Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (Concordia University, 2007), (2) the Professor of Merit Award (Société pour la promotion de l'enseignement de l'anglais au Québec - SPEAQ, 2008), and (3) the Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching (Concordia University, 2009).

Outside of academia, he writes about audio equipment for a specialized Brazilian magazine, works as a consultant for Lexicon Branding in the design and evaluation of brand names for adoption in the Brazilian market, practices his clarinet, and experiences other worlds in the form of music, poetry and cinema.