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Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside

My research interest is in the fabrication, functionalization and application of nanostructured materials a class of new materials with at least one dimension at the nanometer scale. These materials are sometimes referred to as artificial atoms because the density of their electronic states which controls many physical properties can be widely and easily tuned by adjusting composition, size, shape, crystal structure, and surface properties. My research therefore is trying to understand the formation and properties of nanostructures, design and fabricate novel electronic and photonic devices and other functional materials based on these nanostructures. Specifically, my research topics include:

Colloidal inorganic nanostructures: synthesis and surface modification
Self-assembly approaches to nanoscale electronic and photonic devices
Composite nanomaterials for catalytic applications
Biomedical applications of nanostructures
Colloidal and interface chemistry
Smart materials
Nanofabrication using unconventional methods


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    Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside