PhD Student, Department of Livestock and Pasture, University of Fort Hare

Yonela Zifikile Njisane is a PhD student, student tutor and a student research assistant at the University of Fort Hare; she is one of the 2015 PhD bloggers for the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS). She is a recipient of the National Research Foundation-Innovation Doctoral Scholarship (NRF). She is an animal scientist in the making who loves getting dirty outdoors with animals. She loves research and she believes that all its challenges are a bonus towards her character building. Her current research focuses on animal welfare and meat science, particularly beef cattle behaviour in all stages of production, relating it to meat quality. She is looking to further animal behaviour and welfare research, merging it with community engagement in a broader spectrum and different species around South Africa and Africa as a whole.


  • 2013–2015
    PhD Student, Department of Livestock and Pasture,University of Fort Hare