Research Assistant and PhD Candidate, Urban Housing Lab, University of Sydney

With a background in Architecture, Yuting entered into the field of urban planning in 2014. She believes that the footprint of cities’ development is very similar to that of water spreading on cloth. The possibility seems countless and no one may know the answer until it comes to an end. Each decision made in the planning process leads to a specific outcome, which holds its logic within itself, both physically and philosophically. She takes urban planning a career full of passion and opportunities.

Before landing in Australia, she worked on several projects both in USA and China with a focus on land use, transport and environment planning, employers including governments and private institutions. She has experiences drafting local master plan, developing investor’s manual and dealing with Chinese transportation evaluation system. She served as an office assistant in the Department of City Planning, New York City in late 2015, helping with the Special District Text Amendment in Staten Island. She is an expert in multiple design tools including ArcGIS, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and AutoCAD.

Her Master’s thesis looks into the impact of employment policies on sustainable livelihoods of landless peasants in China. In Urban Housing Lab, she contributes to a series of shared housing research through analysing data and generating visual works.


  • 2017–2018
    Research Associate, Urban Housing Lab, University of Sydney