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Zohar Hadromi Allouche

Assistant Professor in Classical Islamic Religious Thought and Dialogue, Trinity College Dublin

I am an assistant professor in Classical Islamic Religious Thought and Dialogue in Trinity College Dublin, specialising in medieval Islam and Islamic religious tradition.
I have a BA in Arabic Language and Literature and History of the Middle East from Tel Aviv University (1994) and a PhD in Religious Studies from SOAS (2006). My PhD dissertation focused the figure of Satan in the Islamic tradition, and established its ambivalent and liminal character.
Having taught in several academic institutions, such as SOAS and Ben Gurion University, in 2011 I took a full position with the University of Aberdeen School of Divinity; and in 2019 joined the School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies in Trinity College Dublin.
My research examines liminal, ambivalent, and transitional processes in and around the Islamic tradition, in diverse contexts. These include, for example, characters (e.g., Eve), inter-religious relations (Zoroastrian / Greek /Jewish / Islamic), inter-scriptural (Qur’an / Bible), or academic disciplines (literature, art, religion).
My teaching reflects these research focus and interest, through modules which examine feminine characters in the Islamic tradition, Jesus between Christianity and Islam, or the Qur’an within the context of Late Antiquity.
I organized several interdisciplinary conferences on things ambivalent, including
• Fall Narrative (University of Aberdeen, 2014)
• Fallen Animals (University of Aberdeen, 2015)
• Mind the gap (Trinity College Dublin, 2019)
• Scriptural Sexuality (Trinity College Dublin, 2022)
• Demons: Good and Bad (Trinity College Dublin, 2022)
Selected publications include:
2012 ‘The death and life of the Devil’s son: a literary analysis of a neglected tradition’. Studia Islamica, 107, pp. 157–183.
2013 Abbou-Hershkovitz, Keren and Zohar Hadromi-Allouche (in alphabetic order). ‘Divine doctors: The construction of the image of Greek physicians in Islamic biographical dictionaries’. Revista Al-Qantara, XXXIV(1), pp. 35–63.
2016 Co-editor, Fall narratives: An interdisciplinary perspective, Routledge
2017 Editor, Fallen animals: Art, religion, literature, Lexington
2023 Co-editor, Mind the gap: Liminal spaces, images, and texts,Lexington (forthcoming)
2013 ‘Creating Eve: Feminine fertility in medieval Islamic narratives of Eve and Adam’. In Greene, John T. & Mishael M. Caspi, eds. In the Arms of Biblical Women. Gorgias Press, 35–72.
2016 ‘The wheat and the barley: Feminine (in-)fertility in Eve and Adam narratives in Islam’. In Langerman, Tzvi and Robert Morrison, eds. Texts in transit in the pre-modern eastern mediterranean. Penn State University Press, pp. 116–127.
2016 ‘ʿName him ‘Abd al-Ḥārithʾ: Eve’s fall from monotheism, and ascent into motherhood’. In Hadromi-Allouche, Zohar and Aine Larkin, editors. Fall narratives: An interdisciplinary perspective. Routledge, pp. 183–202.
2018 ‘Images of the first woman: Eve in Islamic Fāl-nāma paintings’. Biblical Reception 5, pp. 31–55.
2018 ‘ʿMy God? Your Lord!ʾ: A qurʾanic response to a biblical question’. JIQSA, 3 (), pp. 79–110.
2023 ‘Hawwa’: Eve in medieval Islamic sources.’ In Caroline Blyth, ed. The Routledge Companion to Eve (forthcoming).
2023 ‘Wife and leader: Khadījah as a first follower.’ In Hadromi-Allouche, Zohar, and Michael McKay, eds. Mind the gap: Liminal spaces, images, and texts (forthcoming).


  • –present
    Assistant Professor in Classical Islamic Religious Thought and Dialogue, Trinity College Dublin


  • 2006 
    SOAS University of London, PhD / Religious Studies