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The email scandal continues to haunt Hillary Clinton’s campaign with the FBI announcing that it will investigate additional emails just days before the election. Cristobal Herrera/EPA

Race to the White House – secrets and emails

Race to the White House - Episode 8 The Conversation, CC BY-ND31.7 MB (download)

This week on Race to the White House, Brendon O’Connor, Tom Switzer and Anthony Dockrill discuss how the re-emergence of the email scandal has come to hurt Hillary Clinton in the final week of the campaign.

Has Clinton’s love of secrecy not only created this problem but also reinforced a perception among many voters that she can’t be trusted?

Also on the agenda: what a possible Clinton presidency may look like both domestically and abroad.

Race to the White House podcast is a collaboration between the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, 2ser 107.3 and The Conversation.

Anthony Dockrill is a producer and presenter and the current Program Manager at 2SER 107.3.

2ser 107.3 is a community radio station jointly owned by Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney.

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