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The vice-presidential debate was much spicier than anticipated, but will it actually swing the election? Michael Reynolds/EPA

Race to the White House – the vice-presidential debate, and Donald Trump’s tax troubles

Race to the White House – Episode #4. The Conversation, CC BY-ND33.8 MB (download)

This week on Race to the White House, Brendon O’Connor, Tom Switzer and Emma Lancaster look at the first and only 2016 vice-presidential debate. Although it was anticipated by social media to be a “vanilla thrilla”, the debate turned out to be spicier than expected and both Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence delivered some knockout one-liners.

But despite their efforts, do vice-presidential debates actually swing elections?

Also on the agenda: Donald Trump’s troublesome finances. His campaign has been hammered after the publication of documents in the New York Times that suggested he may have been able to escape paying income tax for nearly two decades.

Trump has based his campaign on his business success and high net worth, so will his run for the White House take a hit?

The Race to the White House podcast is a collaboration between the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, 2ser 107.3 and The Conversation.

Emma Lancaster is a multi-platform journalist, and is the producer of The Wire on 2ser 107.3. If you have questions about the podcast or have any suggestions about what we should discuss, contact Emma on

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