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Resolution reset: how to make goals and stick to them

Let’s start with fewer screens and less cereal.

The third week of January is a tricky creature. After the gloomy fanfare of Blue Monday, we’re left with empty bank accounts, full to-do lists and a crumbling stack of resolutions. If your resolve is faltering, our resolution roundup should get you back on track.

Resolution: Lose weight

If you’re finding yourself drawn to the biscuit tin after weeks of good behaviour, this one’s for you. Health Psychology professor Jane Ogden describes what really matters when adopting a sustainably healthful diet.

Resolution: Be more productive

If you’ve promised to quit procrastinating this year, comedy programmes and chocolate may be your unlikely new friends. The Conversation’s Will de Freitas interviews two academics who believe productivity and happiness go hand in hand.

Resolution: Quit smoking

We pour millions into short-term abstinence campaigns in January and October (“Stoptober”). Mental health lecturer Ian Hamilton explores if these really help us quit – and if not, what might?

Resolution: Do a digital detox

As each year passes, we become increasingly conscious of our digital habits. Are we spending too much time on our iPhones? Is social media reducing our concentration? Psychology professor Ian H Robinson confronts the lurking dangers of the digital world.

Resolution: Make some resolutions?

Whatever you want from your 2016, Behavioural Addiction professor Mark Griffiths explores tips and tactics for successful goal-setting. If you haven’t got round to planning your annual goals, it’s not too late to start.

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