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Simple living in a complex time – is a return to frugality the key to happiness? Xurxo Martínez/flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

Speaking with: Emrys Westacott on the virtue of frugal living

Speaking with: Emrys Westacott on the virtue of frugal living CC BY-ND32.9 MB (download)

They say the best things in life are free – or at least, Emrys Westacott seems to think so.

For those who have the choice, the rejection of extravagance is deemed highly virtuous. Many of the great thinkers of history have advocated the moral value of frugal living, but in our culture of excess the temptation to indulge can be difficult to overcome.

William Isdale spoke with Emrys Westacott, a Professor of Philosophy at Alfred University, New York, about how a return to simple living could bring greater happiness in our increasingly complex world – though there’s a case to be made for the cultural value of extravagance, too.

Emrys Westacott is the author of The Wisdom of Frugality: Why Less Is More - More or Less, a philosophically informed reflection on the benefits of frugal living.

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