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Story on gifted children and screen violence removed

We have removed an article entitled “Are gifted kids more sensitive to screen violence?” after being informed by two of its authors, Jonathan Wai and Brad Bushman, that they have retracted the study on which the article was based from the peer-reviewed journal, The Gifted Child Quarterly.

This is their explanation of why they took this step:

“Questions have been raised about the pattern of results in the Cetin, Wai, Altay, and Bushman (2016) article [Effects of Violent Media on Verbal Task Performance in Gifted and General Cohort Children]. Unfortunately, the data collection procedures could not be verified because the author who collected the data (Cengiz Altay) could not be contacted following the attempted coup in Turkey. Therefore, as the integrity of the data could not be confirmed, we are retracting the study.”

We remain committed to providing accurate and reliable information, and to acknowledging problems or errors in an open and transparent way whenever they occur.

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