The Conversation France now live

On September 21, The Conversation will speak French. We publish four English-language editions in Africa, UK, the United States and Australia, and now The Conversation France.

TC-France will offer a new platform for scholars in France and the Francophone world to enter the public debate. This takes us another step towards building a global newsroom of academic knowledge and journalistic excellence. Led by a team of experienced journalists, TC-France has the initial support of more than 50 universities.

TC-France Editors Fabrice Rousselot and Didier Pourquery commenting on the launch said: “We are very excited to be part of The Conversation network and to launch TC France, as a unique opportunity for French academics to take part in a global debate about global issues. We will offer French audiences a different approach to day-to-day news — a new realm of topics, a fresh view on current debates and surprising insights.

"We are proud to join a digital-only source of independent news and analysis that is open access and free for all to read and republish. All articles are authored by scholars who only write on their area of expertise, drawing on their research. They work with our editors to ensure that their knowledge is conveyed in language accessible to the widest possible audience.

"The Conversation adheres to the highest standards to responsibly publish information. That means we adhere to the principles of transparency: disclosure of research expertise, disclosure of research funding, and disclosure of any possible conflicts of interest. Our aim is to provide a service of reliable, trusted information. A service that readers feel confident to use.”

TCF has funding support from Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University, Université Paris Sorbonne Cité, Paris Saclay, Université de Lorraine, l’Institut Universitaire de France and la Conférence des Présidents d’Université.

Between the five TC editions we are now a team of 75 working with 27,000 academics internationally — making The Conversation the world’s largest global virtual newsroom.

Peter Varghese, Secretary of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said: “Persuasion is the currency of international affairs. But there is often a gap between academia and the media in explaining how the world works and why. The Conversation seeks to bridge that gap. It is an Australian idea that scholarship and substance can also have style. I welcome the launch of The Conversation France.”

Andrew Jaspan, global editor-in-chief of The Conversation added: “I first met Fabrice Rousselot in 2009 while working in Paris on a project at the Liberation newspaper. We kept in touch and I always hoped we might work together. It is a great joy that Fabrice, Leighton Walter Kille and Gabrielle Boeri-Charles and their colleagues have pulled together the launch of TC-France.

"It’s our second launch into Europe after the UK and our fifth launch globally. On behalf of the global TC family, I wish the TC-France team every success and professional pride in this great leap forward. Bonne chance!”

The Conversation has a monthly audience of 2.6 million users on site, with a reach through Creative Commons of 23 million. Keep in touch by subscribing to the TC-France newsletter, or follow on Twitter and Facebook.