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From the Editors

The Conversation to fact check panellists on Q&A


From today The Conversation will hold Q&A panellists more accountable by fact checking their most significant claims.

Q&A has agreed to encourage viewers to refer any claims of fact they feel need checking to The Conversation.

The Conversation’s FactCheck is an independent double check process. The challenged statement is first checked by an academic specialist with deep subject expertise and the finding sent for “blind review” by a second topic specialist. The second reviewer doesn’t know the identity of the first, allowing for unbiased scrutiny.

The process is overseen by The Conversation’s FactCheck Editor, Sunanda Creagh.

Recently TC FactChecks include this on Alan Jones’ (incorrect) claim on Q&A that coal-fired power cost $79/kWh and wind power $1502/kWh. See other FactChecks here.

Viewers can request statements to be FactChecked via Twitter using hashtags #FactCheck and #QandA, on Facebook or by email.

The Conversation is bound by an editorial charter that protects our work from commercial or political influence. The Charter will underpin all FactCheck decisions. Each FactCheck will be conducted entirely by The Conversation and wholly independent of the ABC and Q&A. We will aim to publish all FactCheck adjudications within a week.

We cannot FactCheck all Q&A statements, but hope to check at least one claim a week. We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

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