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Flat out. Emergency by Shutterstock

A&E crisis: hospital managers aren’t to blame for failures

The A&E crisis in the NHS this year seems significantly different to the “normal” winter crisis that happens each year from changes in seasonal demand. Given that the problem – waiting times, ambulance…
Waiting time. ThisparticularGreg

Keogh report tackles A&E supply but not deeper demand

The “crisis in A&E” has dominated headlines for months, with attention focused mainly on inexorably rising demand, ageing populations, and increased waiting times. In his much anticipated report into…
Emergencies only but are people turning to A&E because they find it difficult to see a GP? Flickr/lydia_shiningbrightly

High number of A&E visits in areas where access to GPs is worse

New research linking less access to GPs and higher demand in Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments could ignite the row over the A&E crisis. The number of people visiting A&E in England…
GPs and hospitals aren’t incentivised to properly manage demand, which has contributed to the crisis in Accident & Emergency. PA/Stephen Kelly

A&E is in crisis because we all take it for granted

Our increasing use of hospital services is out of control and unsustainable and is contributing to the current crisis in accident and emergency (A&E). But the problem isn’t new and 30 years of NHS…

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