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Media giant Fairfax has been plagued by board troubles and company indecision, according to a new book. AAP/Julian Smith

Billions lost, boards to blame: Colleen Ryan on the rise and fall of Fairfax

In the same week that Colleen Ryan’s tell-all book Fairfax: The Rise and Fall hits bookstores, Fairfax’s two biggest metropolitan newspapers will place their content behind a metered digital paywall. If…
It’s steady as she goes in Australia’s universities according to a new book on the changing dynamics in higher education. Higher education image from

High stakes in higher ed? Campus evolution more likely than revolution

Writing books on fast-evolving topics is a hazardous business. The news can easily overtake a slow-moving publisher’s schedule. Fortunately for Peter Coaldrake and Lawrence Stedman’s new book on higher…
Every Parent’s Nightmare tells the true story of Australian Jock Palfreeman, caught in Bulgaria’s corrupt legal system. ABC TV/AAP

The case of Jock Palfreeman and the human rights of Australians overseas

Australians running into trouble with the law overseas is a common topic in the news. The coverage is usually fleeting, ending with the announcement of a conviction or, less often, an acquittal. Belinda…
Ben Goldacre spreading the news at the Free University of Glastonbury, June 2011. Neil Melville-Kenney

Peer review: Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a poll in late-October 2012 asking, “Who is mainly at fault for denying access to negative clinical trial results?” Respondents were able to choose from a list…
Mear’s novel is “a love story about horses as much as anything else”. Eduardo Amorim

Art imitating life in the outback: Gillian Mears’ Foal’s Bread

MILES FRANKLIN REVIEW: The winner of the 2012 Miles Franklin Award will be announced this week. In preparation, The Conversation brings you academic reviews of the five novels shortlisted for Australia’s…
The days of ‘sit down, shut up and do your science’ are over. Today’s students ask hard questions. University of Iowa

Teaching kids to think critically about climate

Two recently published books suggest that the public - and school children in particular - are being fed lies about environmental issues such as climate change. The books - “How to Get Expelled from School…

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