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Chile has returned former president Michelle Bachelet to office for her second, non-consecutive term. What’s ahead for the Latin American nation? EPA/Felipe Trueba

Bachelet returns in Chile: turn left and proceed with caution

It’s a case of back to the future in Chile after voters returned former president Michelle Bachelet to that position at the weekend. In a country that doesn’t allow the president to serve two consecutive…
If Michelle Bachelet is successful in the Chilean presidential elections, the country will join Argentina and Brazil as Latin American nations with female leaders. EPA/Felipe Trueba

The women smashing the political glass ceiling in Latin America

Michelle Bachelet, Chilean president between 2006 and 2010, is likely to return to that position at the second round of elections on December 15. Bachelet obtained almost 47% of the vote in the first round…
Instituting policies of ‘class warfare’ was a key criticism of late British PM Margaret Thatcher (right) as well as of her Chilean contemporary Augusto Pinochet, pictured here with his wife. EPA/Ian Jones

Thatcher, Pinochet and the legacy of class warfare

In Australia, Martin Ferguson has recently condemned the “class war rhetoric” of the Labor party, but on Monday morning (UK time) one of the world’s greatest class warriors passed away. Margaret Thatcher…

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