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Medical experts say more transparency is needed in financial dealings between big drug companies and doctors. Flickr/

Code for pharmaceutical industry ‘falls short’

Pharmaceutical companies will be required to disclose more details about their financial ties to doctors under a revised…
It’s difficult to detect impairment among doctors, but drug testing won’t solve all our problems. Best In Plastics

Dangerous addiction – should doctors be tested for drug use?

Doctors, just like the rest of the population, make personal choices about drug use. Some choose to use legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol; others take illicit substances like cannabis and amphetamines…
Current fee-for-service payments for doctors don’t reward quality care. Flickr/larique

Should doctors be paid to keep patients healthy?

Going to the doctor is, in many ways, like visiting a car sales yard. The customer has a limited knowledge of the product and the supplier may have a financial incentive to over-service or overcharge…
Medical professionals have a responsibility to speak on policy issues affecting health, including the health of refugees in detention, a top medical journal has said. AAP

Medical journal condemns prolonged refugee detention

A top Australian medical journal has called for an end to prolonged mandatory detention of refugees, warning that time in…

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