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The Gonski report was illogical. Now schools have to work out what to do with it. Foto_di_Signorina

Eight failings of the Gonski review into school funding

Last month’s review into school funding by esteemed businessman David Gonski was released with much fanfare. But as the dust settles, it is increasingly clear that the report is, overall, a disappointment…

Teaching history without the books

Replacing textbooks with songs, diaries and illustrations improves the learning outcomes of history students, research from…
The Gonski review presents a generational opportunity to reform our school funding system. AAP/Graham Porrit

Gonski review: another wasted opportunity

The Gonski Review sought to create a new funding system for Australian schooling, because what we currently have is a mess. It was to be transparent, fair, financially sustainable and effective in promoting…
David Gonski has conducted the most far-reaching review into school funding in Australia since the Whitlam years. AAP

Gonski review: the aim is worthy, but the implementation will be difficult

School funding has been a tortured issue for government, and especially federal Labor governments, for most of the past half century. Since the seminal Karmel Report of 1973, the funding levels and relativities…
While the wheels of bureaucracy turn, schools wait for more funding. Andreas Ebling

Gonski review: public inquiry on school funding needs more work

A two-year process of research, consultation, public input and expert consideration and analysis is a reasonable route to follow for a government-appointed independent inquiry into a major policy issue…
School funding is under the microscope for the first time in nearly 40 years. torres21

Gonski review: experts respond

A much-anticipated review of Australian school funding, spearheaded by businessman David Gonski, was handed to the Gillard government today. We asked Australian education experts to respond to the report’s…
Our academic experts crunch the numbers on school funding. Pink Sherbet Photography

Gonski review: full coverage

The biggest review of school funding in decades has been handed to the government. The report recommends an injection of A$5 billion to the education sector, three-quarters of which would go to public…
Handing out marks is usually for teachers, now the whole school system is under review. AAP/Stefan Postles

Gonski review: time for a new vision for Australian education

Australia’s educational system must be one of the most over-reviewed in the OECD. Hundreds of Select Committees – Federal and State, Upper and Lower House in the past 20 years have reviewed teacher quality…
Will Gonski be brave enough to point out what’s wrong with our schooling system? AAP Image/Jenny Evans

Gonksi review: tradition or reform for an upside down system?

The Gonski review of school funding promises to be a watershed in the history of Australian education. Much is at stake. There is a real chance to fundamentally change the way our divided school system…
The Federal government has secured rare uniform cooperation from the states on its early years learning reform. AAP/Paul Miller

The best start in life for the price of a cup of coffee

Would you pay the equivalent of a coffee a day to guarantee a system whereby Australian children got the best start in life? From January this year, the Australian education system is changing its approach…
When jobs are disappearing, why are we training more journalists? flickr

Can journalism graduates get jobs?

It usually begins mid-way through their university career. My office begins to fill with panicked journalism students who have seen the dismal job vacancies in their field and are starting to think their…

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