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An ideal marketplace of ideas would allow for stupidity and prejudice to be exposed without the need for the race hate laws which were used to prosecute Andrew Bolt. AAP/Julian Smith

Bolt, Brandis and the double standard on free speech

It was the ultimate irony. On this week’s Q&A, host Tony Jones issued an apology on behalf of both Indigenous academic Marcia Langton and the ABC for Langton implying on the previous week’s program…
Politicians and artists often join together in an uncomfortable game. Alan Porritt/AAP Image

The art of being awkward: Brandis is wrong about the Biennale

As anyone who works in the arts business well knows, when art and politics meet (and certainly when art and politicians meet …) the result is more often than not awkward. Many of us will remember the fuss…
Who’s in charge here? It’s not us. jdlasica

From breastfeeding to politics, Facebook steps up censorship

Facebook has recently tried to close down the popular Anarchist Memes page on its site in the latest of a string of crackdowns on political online activism. It’s just one more example of the social media…
Gloomy outlook for free speech. ucloccupation

Policing on campus is a brazen attack on free speech

Relations between student protesters and police in universities have broken down. From demonstrations demanding that “cops stay off campus” to protests against the heavy-handed way in which students have…
Giving offence: Theresa May questioned whether BBC, ITV or Channel 4 should have interviewed Anjem Choudary. Darkroom Productions via Creative Commons

Are broadcasters being pressured over Choudary?

The news that Ofcom is investigating whether three interviews with the radical Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary after the Woolwich murder broke the Broadcasting Code has highlighted again the debate about…
A new regulatory body is not what the Australian media or public need. Instagram/sookhean

Finkelstein inquiry too flawed to lead to real reform

The recent Finkelstein inquiry into media regulation in Australia has suggested a new body to govern journalistic standards and handle complaints from the public, the News Media Council. But at a time…

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