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The unfurling National Health Reform Agreement should start to deliver changes to Australia’s health-care system in 2012. AAP

Lost about health-care reform? Here’s where we got to in 2011

Health-care reform was one of the policy areas where much had been promised but little delivered by the start of 2011. Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised that 2011 would be a year of implementation…
Day 15 of OccupyMN protest that has occupied Minneapolis. Meanwhile corporate greed continues unabated. Fibonacci Blue

Health savings accounts: just another greedy corporate scam

At a time when the “Occupy Wall Street” protests against corporate greed are proliferating in the United States and around the world, it’s ironic to read the floating of yet another corporate “get-even-more…

Hypertension may cause birth defects

High blood pressure in pregnancy may itself cause birth defects rather than a type of drug used to treat the condition in…

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