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Nairobi’s Dandora waste dumpsite – still in use after being declared a health hazard in 2001. Reuters/Thomas Mukoya

It will take more than good intentions to clear Nairobi’s garbage mountains

Only a quarter of Nairobi’s solid waste reaches the main dumpsite east of the city. Piles of uncollected garbage are a common sight across the capital.
Matatu or minibuses in a downtown Nairobi park. Good information about transport is critical for citizens in any place. Reuters

Using data from cellphones to help Nairobi crack commuter stress

Involving the public in data collection - through crowd sourcing - to produce critical public services such as maps and transit apps helps build new conversations on how the system can be improved.
Local residents walk past a collapsed building in Huruma, Nairobi. Many of the city’s current problems emerged at its birth as a colonial town. EPA/Dai Kurokawa

How elites and corruption have played havoc with Nairobi’s housing

Building better, inclusive cities involves enabling the wise use of public land and taxes to ensure that high-quality housing and amenities are provided for all at a lower cost.

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