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Something hidden in manuscript – what could it be? Les Enluminures

That’s no kangaroo on the manuscript – so what is it?

The discovery of a Portuguese manuscript purporting to include an illustration of a kangaroo has been used to question which European power was first to “discover” Australia. The drawing is included in…
Not so funny…. Portugal is the next vulnerable Euro nation, but it doesn’t fit the German-favoured critique of a profligate country unwilling to undertake reforms. AAP

After the Greek rescue package: will Portugal be the next to fall?

Greece is rescued, for now…maybe. Perhaps it’s time to move on to the next basket case. So, which of the PIIGS is the next Greece? For the moment, Portugal looks to be the front-runner. The country’s public-debt-to-GDP…
Eurozone countries must toe the fiscal line, or face the consequences under a new treaty signed this week. AAP

Fiscal miscreants to face sanctions, as Greek deal teeters

Europe this week has voted for tough new fiscal rules aimed at reining in high deficits, as world economic leaders continue to grapple with solving the sovereign debt crisis. But not all measures have…

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