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Funding CCTV cameras annihilated a proposal in NSW to create a mentoring program directed at young women in prisons or undergoing release. AAP/Julian Smith

Post-release mentoring succeeds in everything but winning funding

Women coming out of jail require forms of assistance that are not simply directed at technologies for prevention or elimination of recidivism, but rather that are focused on health and well-being.
It doesn’t have to be like this. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

The case for closing down women’s prisons

It sounds like a radical idea. Stop incarcerating women, and close down women’s prisons. But in the UK, there is a growing movement, sponsored by a peer in the House of Lords, to do just that. The argument…
Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf spent time in prison for terrorist activities, but he clearly did not abandon his radical beliefs there. Twitter

When foreign fighters return: managing terrorists behind bars

The government’s mooted legislation to tackle returning foreign fighters will undoubtedly make it easier to detect and prosecute those involved in terrorism overseas. This means many returned fighters…
Mental health problems beset prisoners at very high rates. v1ctor Casale

Prison suicides betray problems with our criminal justice system

Nick Clegg has launched the Department of Health’s latest action plan for mental health services, Closing the Gap: priorities for essential change in mental health. While the report was overshadowed by…
Get used to it: 100-year sentences enjoy popular support. Amanda Slater

Hundred-year sentences ignore both logic and evidence

David Cameron plunged into the criminal punishment debate recently by throwing his support around proposals to impose incredibly long sentences (100 years or so) for some murders as a way to circumvent…
Australia should adopt a US program that brings students into prisons to learn with prisoners. Prison image from

Inside out: why we need to bring students and prisoners together

Over the past 15 years, a criminal justice professor in Philadelphia named Lori Pompa has quietly grown an innovative education program that brings together university students to learn alongside prisoners…
The Royal College of Surgeons has been improving surgery for centuries. Andy G

Professions step up to make the Big Society a reality

Whether it’s keeping us safe, teaching us to add up, looking after children at risk or helping delinquents mend their ways - police officers, school teachers, social workers and probation officers affect…
Silverwater prison in NSW. Australia should be spending more to prevent people going to jail than on housing them in facilities like this. AAP/Paul Miller

Prevention not prison: justice reinvestment makes dollars and sense

Australia spends billions of dollars every year on our prison system yet the number of those being sent to jail keeps increasing. Is this sustainable? Simple logic would suggest not, unless we want to…

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