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The original 20th Century Coyote line-up in 1977: (l-r) Lloyd Peters, Mark Dewison, Ade Edmondson, Mike Redfern, Rik Mayall. Lloyd Peters

Young, gifted and punk: my mad days with Rik Mayall

The untimely death of me old mucker Rik Mayall last week has prompted a plethora of obituaries in the press and on television and radio. However, as someone who “nearly” grew up with Rik at Manchester…
UK comedian and actor Rick Mayall, who died yesterday aged 56. Steve Vas/ Shutterstock

Arsehole of British comedy? Rik Mayall was a funny B'stard

Rik Mayall is putrid – absolutely vile. He thinks nose-picking is funny and farting and all that. He is the arsehole of British comedy. Spike Milligan made this rather pithy statement some time ago (the…

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