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Scientific research spending lags behind smaller countries

Nations half the size of Australia spend more on scientific research, have higher employment levels for scientists, and greater appeal to foreign investors, according to a report on Australia’s global…
Flickr/Discover Science & Engineering

Primary school science education – is there a winning formula?

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb, released a worrying report earlier this year. Unhealthy Science? University Natural and Physical Sciences 2002 - 2009/10 revealed the number of students studying…
Watch your maths: an Australian Academy of Science report looks to be based around mistaken use or interpretation of numbers. Flickr/emdot.

Science not plummeting in schools: report is ‘way out’

The Federal Department of Education says it advised the Australian Academy of Science’s authors of a break in the series…
The less Australia reaches outwards, the less it will reap the rewards. Sean MacEntee

Shrinking piece of the pie chart – Australian science and the world

Have you used your mobile phone, taken medicine or banked online today? As consumers, we benefit directly from the increasing pace of innovation. But ten years into the Asian century, the source of innovation…

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