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Facebook “slut shaming” pages reflect deeper problems with society’s discriminatory attitude towards women. Flickr/Franco Bouly

Facebook misogyny: ‘slut shaming’ or just woman hating?

“Slut shaming” may be the latest cause célèbre to sweep to our shores, but it just looks a lot like old-fashioned misogyny. From the US-based Salon and The Guardian in the UK, to the Canberra Times in…
Expecting sexual harassment victims to react stronger than we would can lead to blame, the study said.

Sexual harassment victims less assertive than they planned

People imagine they would assert themselves strongly against sexual harassment but are more likely to react passively when confronted with it in real life, a US study has found. The gap between how people…

‘Hazard pay’ for sexual harassment

Both men and women workers who are at risk of sexual harassment on the job are paid more for exposure to that risk, according…

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