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Jerry Seinfeld, who wrote and directed “Unfrosted,” poses next to a Pop-Tarts mascot at the Netflix film’s premiere in Hollywood, Calif., in April 2024. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Worried about the health effects of the sugar in your breakfast cereal? Little has changed since the days of ‘Unfrosted,’ the Pop-Tarts movie

Many popular cereals have 10 to 14 grams of sugar per serving, which is nearly a third of the USDA’s recommended daily limit.
Fruit bats have honed their sweet tooth through adaptive evolution. Keith Rose/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Why don’t fruit bats get diabetes? New understanding of how they’ve adapted to a high-sugar diet could lead to treatments for people

Fruit bats can eat up to twice their body weight in fruit a day. But their genes and cells evolved to process all that sugar without any health consequences − a feat drug developers can learn from.
Research on possible links between aspartame consumption and cancer is ongoing and far from conclusive. celsopupo/iStock via Getty Images Plus

WHO expert cancer group states that the sweetener aspartame is a possible carcinogen, but evidence is limited – 6 questions answered

An expert panel found a potential association with liver cancer, but too little research exists to assume a causal connection. For now, the WHO left current consumption guidelines unchanged.

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