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The Amis are fighting to safeguard what remains of their own heritage.* Alistair Noble

Tourism over tradition in Taiwan – how to be a culture vulture abroad

How do we move beyond being a cultural tourist to having some deeper level of understanding of what local festivals mean to the people involved? That question has been on my mind of late. Just before midnight…
Typhoon Soulik on 12th July 2013 as the storm approaches the coast of Taiwan. NASA

Avoiding annual typhoon catastrophes

Typhoon Soulik struck Taiwan at the beginning of the weekend, killing two people before moving on into Guangdong in southern China, where 300,000 people have already been evacuated. Classed as a category…
With a growing economy and closer links to China, Taiwan offers great potential for Australian trade and investment. AAP

Opportunities abound for Australia in Taiwan

As noted by the Prime Minister’s White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century, managing the opportunities presented by the profound changes underway in the Asia‑Pacific is a major challenge for all regional…
It’s usually in the shadow of regional power China, but Australians would do well to remember the benefits of a strong relationship with Taiwan. Bonnetmaker

Small but mighty: why Taiwan matters to Australia

It is clear that Taiwan shares much in common with Australia. It is an island in the Pacific with a population of 23 million people, a population of indigenous people with a long history, and is a country…

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