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Andrew Mitchell, who probably said it. Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

With reputation in tatters, Mitchell loses ‘plebgate’ case

In his ruling on the libel claim brought to the high court by former Conservative whip Andrew Mitchell, Justice John Mitting has brought an end to one of the longest-running and least edifying disputes…
Not who you want stopping you on the street. Danny Lawson/PA

Where stop-and-search policing with a firearm became routine

Here’s a figure that deserves some attention: in the first year in which Scotland had a single police force, 8,000 stop searches were carried out by armed response officers, an average of 29 searches by…
Tensions ran high in Balcombe last summer. EPA/ Facundo Arrizabalaga

Fracking protesters accuse police of intimidation campaign

Although only a small area of land has been offered to companies exploring the potential for fracking in the UK so far, much more is likely to come. But opposition to fracking is growing – and growing…
A bit of ‘territorial support’ from the thin blue line. Carl Court/PA Wire

Violence in Britain: getting away with murder?

Over the past ten years, 519 people have died after contact with the police, either in custody (the great majority) or during a pursuit or another road traffic incident. Some 23 people have been shot by…
You won’t get me, I’m part of the…federation? Lewis Stickley/PA

Officers and politicians agree Police Federation needs reform

The Police Federation of England and Wales will be concerned about the imminent findings of the independent review chaired by Sir David Normington, established in the wake of the plebgate affair. The chairman…
Policing in the UK appears to be benefitting from commissioners. brizzle born and bred

After a slow start, police commissioners hit their stride

The “plebgate” saga has once again raised questions about police integrity and dented public trust and confidence in policing more generally. Building such trust was, of course, one of the coalition government’s…
Evening all: Dixon of Dock Green this ain’t. Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Fiddling with names won’t make UK ‘FBI’ more effective

The National Crime Agency (NCA) was launched this morning with the aim of being fully operational by December 2013. It is the third agency so far to be called “Britain’s FBI” following the National Criminal…

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