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Russians in Moscow and elsewhere flocked to ATMs to withdraw cash, fearful that the ruble will plunge further due to Western sanctions. AP Photo/Victor Berzkin

US-EU sanctions will pummel the Russian economy – two experts explain why they are likely to stick and sting

By working with allies, the Biden administration has been able to place severe sanctions on Russia – including targeting Putin’s inner circle and banning banks from SWIFT.
A Ukrainian serviceman, seen through a camouflage mesh, stands at a frontline position in the Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine, in January 2022. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Alpine hills and sandy beaches: The real frontlines of the Ukraine-Russia conflict

The risk to Ukraine’s democracy currently lies with the politicians who have offshore assets that can be massaged and altered from Moscow or elsewhere. Preventing this is essential.
Russian tanks take part in drills at the Kadamovskiy firing range in the Rostov region in southern Russia in January 2022. Tens of thousands of Russian troops are positioned near Ukraine. (AP Photo)

Russia has reached the point of no return in its conflict with Ukraine

Pro-democracy uprisings in Slavic states were unsuccessful, but there’s festering discontent in the region. Russia attributes it to western interference, and intends to reverse the trend in Ukraine.
A live broadcast of Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking is shown on Dec. 23, 2021, from a media control room in Russia. Eric Romanenko/TASS via Getty Images

It’s just a ‘panic attack’ – Russian media blames US for escalating Ukraine crisis

America is being ‘hysterical’ about Russian troop buildups near the Ukrainian border. That’s the official news in Russia, where citizens are getting government’s preferred view of the Ukraine crisis.
Ukranians hold a ‘Day of Dignity’ in Kyiv to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the ‘Euromaidan revolution’ that toppled the former Russian-backed regime. EPA-EFE/Stepan Franko

Ukraine: a country wounded by eight years of crisis

The seemingly never-ending crisis has taken a severe toll on Ukraine’s economy with severe consequences for the country’s people.

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