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Zebrafish are known for their black and gold stripes. NICHD/flickr

How the zebrafish got its stripes

Zebrafish are known for their black and gold stripes, but researchers are still figuring out how pigment cells interact to form these patterns.
Zebrafish at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Joan Heath

Animals in research: zebrafish

Our series, Animals in Research, profiles the top organisms used for science experimentation. Here, we look at Danio rerio - the zebrafish. Zebrafish are probably not the first creatures that come to mind…
In order to drag themselves onto land, fish-like creatures needed limbs. Thierrry

They came from the sea: the gene behind limb evolution

In the late Devonian period, roughly 365 million years ago, fish-like creatures started venturing from shallow waters onto land. Among the various adaptations associated with the switch to land life was…

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