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UQ’s embattled VC remains chair of Group of Eight

Professor Paul Greenfield remains chair of the Group of Eight universities. AAP/Alan Porritt.

The University of Queensland’s embattled Vice-Chancellor, Paul Greenfield, will remain chair of the Group of Eight universities after today’s Go8 board meeting expressed their confidence in him.

Professor Greenfield and his deputy at UQ, Professor Michael Keniger, were the subject of an internal inquiry at UQ that found a student who is a close relative of Professor Greenfield had been admitted into a medical course despite not meeting the entry requirements.

The university has confirmed that Professors Greenfield and Keniger discussed the student in a telephone call before the irregular admission.

Professor Greenfield has admitted no wrong-doing and said the phone call has been misunderstood, but has tendered his resignation as Vice-Chancellor of UQ, effective in May 2012.

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