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Mike Cannon-Brookes (centre), and Scott Farquhar (3rd L), co-founders and CEOs of Atlassian Software Systems, smile during its successful entry into the Nasdaq in New York.

Australian companies should cultivate local tech workers not play the 457 visa game

Australian tech firm Atlassian has recently warned that changes to 457 visas threatens to stunt industry growth. But is there more Oz tech firms could be doing to cultivate local talent?
The majority of 457 visa holders are skilled workers. AAP/Alan Porritt

Business Briefing: breaking down the 457 visa myths

Business Briefing: breaking down the 457 visa myths The Conversation16.4 MB (download)
Policies targeting the 457 visa workers scheme aren't going to improve the employment prospects for low skilled workers and Australia's unemployed, an expert says.
In the hospitality sector, employers are 13 times more likely to prefer 457 visa workers than similar Australian workers, data shows. George Alexander Ishida Newman

Evidence of employers misusing 457 visas shows need for reform

New analysis shows that some employers readily admit they use 457 visa workers even when there is no skills shortage in their sector, suggesting that tougher regulation is needed.
Australia has the second-highest number of immigrants – in relative terms – among OECD countries, according to a new report. AAP/Dan Peled

Report marks Australia’s shift from settler to temporary migrant nation

Immigration is a political hot potato. On the day the OECD published its latest annual survey of global migration, Swiss voters rejected a referendum to reduce annual migration numbers. A few days earlier…
Backpackers and international students provide a significant source of labour that is often long-term: but this is ignored by policy makers.

They’re long-term, temporary and invisible: our other migrant workers

While 457 temporary visas are currently under political scrutiny, thousands of other temporary migrants are now able to work in Australia for extended periods - most notably through working holiday visas…
Changes to 457 visas by the Gillard government has divided political and public opinion in Australia. AAP/Lukas Coch

How the 457 scheme is changing Australian immigration

The current public debate over temporary employment 457 visa holders has thrown a spotlight on a major shift in Australia’s migration program. Historical context Prior to the introduction of the Temporary…
Most 457 visa holders are well-paid professionals or in management. AAP/Angela Brkic

Explainer: 457 visas in Australia

With all the fuss over 457 visas in recent weeks, and prime minister Julia Gillard due to address the issue at a conference today, it’s worth looking beyond the cries of vested interests and politicians…
Australia’s boom investment conditions will begin tailing off by 2014, according to a Deloitte Access Economics report - so what does this mean for current labour shortages?

No boom without bust: a cautionary note about mining and employment

Much public discussion around the current mining boom focuses on the lack of qualified staff to fill an expanding employment market. But yesterday’s report by Deloitte Access Economics warning that the…
The Council has its work cut out to facilitate a rational, evidence-based debate about Australian migration. Wenxiong Zhang

New Migration Council to fight for a bigger Australia

The announcement of the formation of a Migration Council of Australia and its launch by the Governor General on August 1, confirmed by Department of Immigration and Citizenship official Gary Fleming at…

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