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The evidence of cultural consumption and production in Australia does not bear out the claims made by Senator Brandis. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Philosophy vs evidence is no way to orchestrate cultural policy

What is the premise of recently-announced cuts to Australia Council funding, and the establishment of a National Programme for Excellence in the Arts? There is actually a considerable evidence base from which to form policy decisions in Australian arts funding.
The economic cost of workplace injury and death equals about 4% of the world’s gross domestic product. Jens Schott Knudsen/Flickr

Dying for work: the changing face of work-related injuries

Work has a very important role in health and well-being but it can also be a major risk factor for poor health, disability, and even death.
Finding a job can be hard work – luckily, knowing which unemployment figures to pay attention to is much easier. AAP Image/Joel Carrett

What unemployment figures really say about Queensland

Queensland unemployment recently plummeted – or did it? Whether you’re a Queenslander getting ready to vote in the January 31 state election, or simply someone interested in employment trends in Australia…
The case for the ABS to receive extra funding is being linked to problems with labour market statistics, but it doesn’t stack up. Anssi Koskinen/Flickr

Joe Hockey’s user pays plan for the ABS doesn’t add up

The ABS faced considerable unwelcome attention this week after it announced substantial revisions to the seasonally adjusted labour force figures for July and August. Reacting to the announcement, Treasurer…
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has become a political football. Alan Porritt/AAP

Hockey plays the ABS blame game, while unemployment hovers

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has come under attack for the perceived lack of reliability of its labour force statistics, particularly the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is one of…
We must address patchy data collection to get an accurate picture of foreign property investment. ABS

Little hard data in the hard area of foreign investment

A large portion of commentary on foreign investment in Australia is based on scant data, as recent submissions to the inquiry into foreign investment in residential property show. At the moment it seems…
Concerns that the national health survey is a manifestation of Big Brother are misplaced. Cristiano Betta

Australian Health Survey is not your Big Brother

The Australian Health Survey (AHS) has recently been in the news, with people expressing concern that a national health census is an egregious infringement of their right to privacy and a manifestation…

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