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The bouquet held by Bolshy Divas member Jackie Softly represents the people with disability whose accounts of violence and abuse the Senate inquiry heard in Perth, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. AAP/Sarah Motherwell

We count what matters, and violence against people with disability matters

Accountability for the violence and abuse that people with disability experience begins with recording the offences. In fact, we have long ignored crimes against vulnerable members of our community.
Domestic violence needn’t be only physical, but can extend to online harassment and control. Arne Halvorsen/Flickr

Online harassment is a form of violence

Technology violence is a term that encompasses all types of harassment and abuse that occurs online and serves to control or intimidate women in particular.
Violence towards girls is trivialised and normalised from an early age. Ratterrell

Girls are taught young that violence towards them is normal

The latest European survey on violence towards women did the usual rounds with the same old figures when it was released earlier in the month. One in three women have experienced abuse in their lifetime…

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