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Trump poses with his brain trust. Mark Lennihan/AP Photo

White House in turmoil shows why Trump’s no CEO

He campaigned on the notion that his business experience would equip him to 'make America great again,' but running a family company is poor training for the presidency.
If scientists’ knowledge is segregated in non-overlapping silos, there can’t be cross-pollination between fields. Doc Searls

Scientists tend to superspecialize – but there are ways they can change

Scientists often prioritize deep goals over broad ones. But today's "wicked" problems demand an interdisciplinary approach. A new study shows how they can tweak work styles to alter their deep/broad ratio.
Economic growth is a significant contributor to the climate change crisis.

To get climate change under control, our growth fetish must go

The recent US-China climate announcement is a significant development in humanity’s equivocal response to the climate crisis. Despite over four decades of political engagement with climate change, tangible…
While green business is commendable, canola-fuelled elevators will not save us from climate change. monique/Flickr

Can business save us from climate change?

Without a functional international climate policy, and a set of Australian policies that look set to be repealed, it might seem that business offers the greatest hope for mitigating climate change. Business…

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