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Big accountancy firms have a human rights problem

Protest and dissent are the foundation stones of modern societies and have helped secure a measure of democracy and human rights. Against all the odds, ordinary people have struggled to secure universal…
Gloomy times for BB&T bank, as it misses out on $660m in tax credits. zen Sutherland

Barclays and KPMG involved in $660m tax ‘sham structure’

What are the chances that in the face of public criticisms, big business would curb its tax avoidance practices? Well, not much, as evidenced by a case decided by the US Court of Federal Claims. Salem…
Boards will need to be ‘six-capital literate’ in order to assess performance, identify risks and develop strategy. Shutterstock

Integrated reporting to walk more than the bottom line

Paul Druckman, the CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), recently led the coalition’s global charge on corporate reporting changes to Australia, where he bolstered support and talked…
Australian accountants are concerned new industry standards which ban “conflicted remuneration” such as commissions on insurance in in conflict with financial planning legislation.

Accountants going ape over APES 230

Right now, the Australian accounting industry is in uproar about financial planning. The new standard APES 230 Financial Planning Services, issued by the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board…
When it comes to accounting for the carbon tax, accountants need to embrace a transdisciplinary approach. Image from

Thinking outside the square: accountants have a role to play in a sustainable future

Can business and accountants guide us on the path to sustainability? Will business and accounting leaders of the future have the necessary skills to solve complex sustainability problems? How can new pathways…
Tweaking the numbers: managers are more likely to manipulate accounts when they are on performance incentive contracts. Dominic Knight

Bosses at ‘self-focused’ firms more likely to massage books

Manipulation in accounting is more common in firms where the work culture promotes self-interest, according to a joint study by Australian and Dutch researchers. The study, which obtained anonymous responses…
The Coalition’s election promise controversy highlights the fraught nature of accountancy. AAP

Do accountants act in the public interest? Not always

According to the profession’s code of ethics, “a distinguishing mark of the accountancy profession is its acceptance of the responsibility to act in the public interest.” That is, not exclusively to satisfy…
People naturally develop relationships, so is it possible to eliminate bias in professional settings? gonzalo_ar

Accountants are humans too – the problem of ‘attachment bias’

Media commentators, regulators, and the judiciary continually express their concerns over the independence of auditors and other accounting professionals when they prepare expert reports. Typically, this…

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