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The graves of victims who died from cholera in Chingwele Cemetery in Lusaka. Zambia is one of the countries at the epicentre of a devastating outbreak in southern Africa. Luke Dray/Getty Images.

What’s behind the worldwide shortage of cholera vaccines? For starters, they’re only made by one company

The world’s stockpile of cholera vaccines has run dry, bad news for cholera-ravaged southern Africa. Why is this and what is being done to address vaccine shortages in Africa?
Sub-Saharan Africa can achieve meaningful and sustainable change in health by 2030. Shutterstock

Why the path to longer and healthier lives for all Africans is within reach

Sub-Saharan countries have unprecedented opportunities to substantially improve health outcomes within a generation, largely with their own resources.
Despite the noble intentions behind charity wells, they may not be the best thing. Franco Volpato/Shutterstock

Africa’s aquifers aren’t being protected as they should

The digging of wells in Africa has often been thought of as the solution to helping rural women walking to get water, but they may cause more harm than good.
The Nigerian commissioner for health of Bauchi state, Sani Malam, administers a polio vaccine to a child during an immunisation drive. EPA/Deji Yake

The legacy benefits from Africa’s fight against polio

The positive impact of the polio eradication initiatives on the continent can be felt across the health sector in other health programmes.
A health worker vaccinates children with drops of polio vaccine in a classroom in Lagos, Nigeria. Reuters/George Esiri

Why Nigeria took so long to get non-polio endemic status

Nigeria’s strategy to eliminate polio was so effective that it was duplicated to deal with ebola. So why did the country take so long to get off the list of polio-endemic countries?

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