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Acknowledging and honouring the humanity of others is the first step to a high-expectations relationship. AAP/Tony Bartlett

Indigenous policy: be compassionate, be brave

Why do we keep spending billions of dollars in Indigenous communities with so few results? It’s because we don’t have a high expectations relationship between both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians…
While we do things to people, not with them, Indigenous policy won’t move forward. sidkid/Flickr

Effective Indigenous policy reform: closing the right gap

AFTER THE INTERVENTION: Chris Sarra from the Queensland University of Technology says white Australia must address its relationship with Indigenous people to truly close the gap. There has never seriously…
The Intervention was meant to help Indigenous children, but how much difference has it made? Rusty Stewart/Flickr

Indigenous programs: protecting the vulnerable and promoting well-being?

AFTER THE INTERVENTION: Peter Billings from the University of Queensland interrogates the legal basis for the Intervention and suggests some new approaches. The belated release of a 2010 review of Government…
Australia needs to take a more considered approach to Indigenous spending. Rusty Stewart

Putting dollars on disadvantage: Australia’s Indigenous spending

AFTER THE INTERVENTION - Today, The Conversation launches a series looking at the recent history of Indigenous policy in Australia, and some ways forward. Are any of the current approaches working? What…

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