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Articles on AGM season 2013

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It is time for Australian shareholders to push for more action to combat low female representation at board level. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Stand by your woman: shareholders should demand more balanced boards

The lone lady in a suit is always a matter of interest, whether on a listed company board or in Tony Abbott’s cabinet. Not only does it seem inequitable that women are underrepresented in these influential…
The Fairfax board is one of 22 who have fallen foul of new provisions meant to empower shareholders. AAP/Julian Smith

Shareholder activism: the virtuous and the venal

The era of passive shareholding where investors patiently waited for companies to offer dividends (or simply sold their shares and moved on) is gone forever. Shareholdings are no longer largely distributed…
The controversial “two-strikes” rule has prompted improved communication surrounding executive pay in companies like Bluescope Steel. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Executive pay pain won’t go away

The controversial two-strikes law for shareholder voting on executive remuneration is now in its third Australian AGM season. The rule requires companies to put a motion to shareholders to “spill” the…
With only one woman in Abbott’s cabinet, is it time to question the validity of the ‘merit’ argument? EPA Image/Justin Lane

The myth of merit and unconscious bias

The presence of only one woman, albeit a high profile one, in Tony Abbott’s cabinet has prompted renewed calls for the introduction of quotas to ensure greater numbers of senior women in government. And…
Companies are getting better at disclosing possible environmental and social issues that might cause profits to slip, but there is more they could do. Flickr/Ian Barbour

Mixed result on sustainability reporting, but ASX proposes greater disclosure

Investors are increasingly interested in how companies manage non-financial – environmental and social – risks. And there is still substantial room for improvement. The recent Sustainability Reporting…

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