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After his disastrous ‘captain’s call’ Bronwyn Bishop, Tony Abbott has indicated that those aspiring to succeed her as speaker can fight it out to get the numbers among their peers. Ben Macmahon/AAP

The speakership: a prize out of nowhere for … whom?

The glittering prize of the speakership is dangling in front of the eyes of several backbenchers whose careers are becalmed. They have a rare chance. Almost all advancement in the government is in the…
Boothby MP Andrew Southcott will likely ride the wave of a national swing towards to the Liberals to return him to parliament in the Coalition’s most marginal electorate. AAP/Alan Porritt

Boothby not yet a likely proposition for Labor

Boothby, the most marginal Liberal-held seat in this election, is a demographically solid part of middle-class Australia. Held by the Liberal Party since 1949, it is only since 2004 that Boothby has slipped…

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