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Articles on Antarctica warming

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Landfast ice ‘breaks out’ Justin Chambers/AAD

Fractured foundations: how Antarctica’s ‘landfast’ ice is dwindling and why that’s bad news

More trouble in Antarctica: the extent of frozen seawater fastened to the coast (called landfast ice) hit a record low in March 2022. If this trend persists, the consequences could be catastrophic.
Krystal Randall

Photos from the field: spying on Antarctic moss using drones, MossCam, smart sensors and AI

It was the trip of a lifetime for an Australian research team studying moss in Antarctica. After two months at Casey Station they returned with great videos and loads of data for further analysis.

Torrents of Antarctic meltwater are slowing the currents that drive our vital ocean ‘overturning’ – and threaten its collapse

In a plot reminiscent of the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow?, Australian scientists are warning that the Southern Ocean’s deep “overturning” circulation is slowing and headed for collapse.
Shutterstock/Dale Lorna Jacobsen

In the dark, freezing ocean under Antarctica’s largest ice shelf, we discovered a thriving microbial jungle

A high-tech expedition to sample the ocean under Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf confirms what the earliest explorers thought: everywhere we look we find microbes, scavenging any energy source available.

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