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Russia moved significant numbers of troops and equipment south to met the Ukraine offensive in the Kherson region. EPA-EFE/Russian Defence Ministry handout

Kharkiv offensive has shown the west that Ukraine can win

The success of Ukraine’s recent offensives have shown Ukraine can defeat Russia militarily, as long as it has sufficient support form the west.
The empty seat for Ukraine’s foreign minister is shown before a NATO foreign ministers meeting on Dec. 1, 2021, in Riga, Latvia. Gints Ivuskans/AFP via Getty Images

What’s NATO, and why does Ukraine want to join?

One of Putin’s demands for de-escalating conflict with Ukraine is NATO blocking Ukrainian membership. Understanding what NATO is, and why Ukraine wants to join, clarifies why Putin wants this.
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia members stand in southwestern Colombia on January 17, 2017. These FARC soldiers were among the 5,700 fighters who demobilized after the 2016 peace agreement. Luis Robayo/AFP via Getty Images

US has taken FARC off its terrorist list, giving insight into Biden’s foreign policy

The U.S. State Department rarely removes terrorist groups from its Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. Most terrorist groups, unlike the Colombian FARC, don’t want to put down their weapons.

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