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Only 1.1% of those surveyed wanted a greater proportion of students from overseas. Paul Miller/AAP

Australians split on the level of foreign students: ANUpoll

Foreign students have become a huge source of income for Australia in general and the universities in particular, but critics are concerned about pressures on the institutions and on standards.
It’s been reported that names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, personal email addresses and emergency contact details, tax file numbers, payroll information, bank account details, passport details and student academic records were accessed.

19 years of personal data was stolen from ANU. It could show up on the dark web

The worst-case scenario is that hackers still have access to the university systems via a backdoor and are siphoning off critical data as it emerges.
In short, less advantaged students require significant additional supports, well beyond acknowledging their diverse pathways for entry into a degree program. Alan Porritt/AAP

ANU’s new entrance criteria won’t do much to improve equity

From 2020, ANU will require students to meet co-curricular requirements alongside ATAR. This significant policy shift is meant to improve equity of access, but won’t change much.
The world urgently needs renewable alternative sources of energy. Rolex Dela Pena/EPA/AAP

ANU might be distorting markets, but markets are distorting society

John D. Rockefeller turned in his grave when the news drifted down to Hades that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is divesting from fossil fuel companies … even from John D’s once very own Exxon. The shrill…
ANU’s divestment decision is only worth A$16 million - but the outcry suggests it will be more influential than the numbers suggest. AAP Image

Outrage at ANU divestment shows the power of its idea

Is the Australian National University’s decision to sell its shares in some resource companies merely tokenistic? Far from it. The outrage from the affected companies shows how much influence universities…
Nobel Laureate and ANU astronomer Brian Schmidt will teach one of ANU’s first open online courses. AAP/Alan Porritt

ANU joins MOOCs rush with edX partnership

ANU has become the first Australian member of Massive Open Online Course provider edX, with ANU professor and Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt to teach one of ANU’s first online courses. edX is owned jointly…
Entrepreneur Graham Tuckwell has donated $50 million to ANU to help give scholarship students the life-transforming experience he received at university. AAP/Lukas Coch

ANU launches $50m scholarship program with donation from Graham Tuckwell

Australian National University has received $50 million for scholarships from entrepreneur and philanthropist Graham Tuckwell and his wife Louise. The donation is the largest ever by an Australian citizen…
Large lecture theatres are going to disappear say Australian vice-chancellors. Ian Barbour

Lecture theatres to go the way of the dodo

Large lecture theatres are disappearing and will soon be gone from university campuses say Australian vice-chancellors. The trend is evidenced by the major campus upgrade being undertaken by the University…

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