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Copied From Nature by Victor Brauner (1903) AAP

The art of conversation

Conversation is civilized speech. It is more purposeful than chatter; more humane than gossip; more intimate than debate. But it is an elusive ideal. In our verbal exchanges we often flip from one topic…
Photos with humans in them are more likely to be remembered than landscape shots without, a U.S. study showed. Aan Anugrah, Fotopedia.

People pics stick but scenic shots forgettable

Photos of beautiful landscapes may be lovely while you look at them but it’s the photos of fellow Homo sapiens that you’ll…
Could artists and scientists be enjoying a more fruitful union? Ben Stansall/AFP

Art and science: make love, not war

When art and science come together, the relationship tends to be uneven, and too often art becomes the unintended junior partner. As researchers working at the interface between art and science, we have…
Ben Quilty’s “Margaret Olley” has divided the critics. Art Gallery of New South Wales:

Archibald argy bargy as Ben Quilty wins populist prize

This year’s Archibald prize has gone to Ben Quilty’s portrait of Australian artist Margaret Olley. It’s an award often criticised for being populist or irrelevant, and there’s no reason to think that this…
Many superannuation investors have been stung by investing in artworks. AAP

The arts end of superannuation

Interested in art? Think it may be a good investment for your super? Think again - or at least be very very careful. More than 10 months since Jeremy Cooper’s independent superannuation review recommended…
Governments have a paradoxical approach to street art. costa cobosta/flickr

Do governments know what to do with street art?

Australia prides itself on its attractiveness to tourists, but for many, to the eternal frustration of Melbourne, visiting Australia is synonymous with the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House. It…

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