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Articles on Artificial intelligence (AI) bias

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AI isn’t likely to enslave humanity, but it could take over many aspects of our lives. elenabs/iStock via Getty Images

AI is an existential threat – just not the way you think

From open letters to congressional testimony, some AI leaders have stoked fears that the technology is a direct threat to humanity. The reality is less dramatic but perhaps more insidious.
By training AI models, social scientists could more precisely simulate human behavioural responses in their research. (Shutterstock)

Beyond the hype: How AI could change the game for social science research

Large language models are becoming increasingly capable of imitating human-like responses, creating opportunities to test social science theories on a larger scale and with much greater speed.
Approach all information with some initial skepticism. Guillermo Spelucin/Moment via Getty Images

ChatGPT and other generative AI could foster science denial and misunderstanding – here’s how you can be on alert

Generative AIs may make up information they serve you, meaning they may potentially spread science misinformation. Here’s how to check the accuracy of what you read in an AI-enhanced media landscape.

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